Fun Mitzvah Activities

Bar and Bat Mitzvah activities provide that “extra bit of fun and variety” to ensure all your guests are busy, entertained and happy throughout your entire event. Activities provide exciting options for guests who want to interact and have fun through games, technology and interactive crafts.
Thirteen-year-old teens are a mixed bag of kids, depending on birth order, friend groups, parenting-style, schools, etc.  Some Mitzvah-aged kids are socially and emotionally ready for dancing, while others are not yet prepared for that kind of interaction. Activities often give kids who don’t want to dance an opportunity to feel a part of the event without having to place themselves in an uncomfortable situation.
There are tons of entertainment activities available for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. According to one of Mitzvah List’s favorite vendors, Star Trax, activities should be easy to use, appropriate for both males and females, and space and power-sensitive.  Geoff Kretchmer, owner of Star Trax, said, “it is critical that the company providing the activity have well-trained staff to run the activity, introduce it to the kids, and provide a fun and safe environment so that kids feel comfortable approaching and playing these games. It’s also important that the company personnel provide appropriate supervision so these games are treated gently and that control is maintained at all times.  Staff should be responsible for moving kids through at a reasonable pace allowing everyone to participate and play.”
So, what are the hottest activities around?  Here are some of Mitzvah List’s favorites:
Kid’s LOVE games!  Star Trax offers a ton of options.  Here are some of our favorites from Star Trax:
A 16-player LED Foosball Table: 
Plunk-It – a combination of basketball and ping-pong 
Bubble Hockey 
Crafts are fun at Bar and Bat Mitzvah and can also be a great take-away gift.  Some of Mitzvah List’s favorite Mitzvah crafts are:
Airbrush:  Airbrush is a fun activity where the possibilities are endless. Our favorite Airbrush artists are Cathy from Airbrushed Stuff  and Matt from Fester Custom Airbrush.  They can airbrush on almost anything.
Wax Hands:
Everyone loves wax hands!  They make a great memory of a fun night.  Creative Arts Studio does an amazing job keeping kids entertained and helps them create fun, cool keepsakes.
Burn Bracelets:
A camp and Mitzvah favorite, Star Trax’s burn bracelets are a lasting memory from your child’s Mitzvah celebration.
BL Visuals:
Star Trax offers unique arm dipping in different psychedelic patterns that glow with a black light.
Henna is a great activity and a hit at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. An Affair to Remember specializes in henna, glitter, foil, flash and mica tattoos without stencils.
Face Paint:
Face paint is a fun activity that kids love at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  An Affair to Remember creates custom painted images.
Airbrush Tattoos:
Airbrushed Stuff does airbrush tattoos at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Cathy will even custom create tattoos that fit your theme or logo.
Flash Tattoos:
If you are looking for extra bling, check out Star Trax foil tattoos.
Elite Feet
Who doesn’t love Nike Elite socks?  Instead of giving them as a dance floor prize, Star Trax will customize them for each of your guests on site.
On-site Printing
Customize hats, jerseys, sweatshirts and more with Star Trax on site vinyl printing.  They can print on-site on almost any image.
Everyone loves leaving a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a photo keepsake.  There are so many photo booth options that we dedicated an entire article to this topic Click here for more information.
With all of these options, it is easy to customize your child’s celebration.  Make sure you check out the vendor directory on Mitzvah List for lots of options.
Fun Mitzvah Activities

Candle Lighting Ceremonies

While the focus of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is the Mitzvah Child, it is also a great opportunity to recognize the special people in your child’s life. It takes a village to raise a child. Recognizing those who have instilled values, shared laughs, tears, holidays and life experiences makes a Mitzvah Celebration complete. A candle lighting ceremony is a wonderful way to honor family and friends that make up your village. Since there are many variations of a candle lighting ceremony, we consulted with Claudia from It Could Be Verse to learn about the different candle lighting options.
For more than 20 years, It Could Be Verse has turned your thoughts, feelings and emotions into warm, witty and wonderful poems, speeches and toasts. Their writing is original, distinctive and tailored to your individual needs. For a new twist on a candle lighting, It Could Be Verse offers the puzzle ceremony.Whether it’s honoring guests at your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah candle lighting or puzzle ceremony or making a toast at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday or anniversary or honoring/roasting a colleague at a corporate dinner, It Could Be Verse will say it for you with humor, taste and warmth.
We asked Claudia several questions about candle lighting ceremonies:
How many candles are in a traditional candle lighting ceremony? A traditional candle lighting ceremony has thirteen candles, but this number is flexible. Make sure you do what works for you and your family.
Candle Lighting Display from Top That Table.
Is there a certain order that a candle lighting ceremony follows? Usually the memorial candle come first because you don’t want to end the ceremony on a sad note. It usually follows with grandparents; aunts/uncles/cousins; great aunts/great uncles; family friends; the child’s friends which can be all together or divided between camp, school and/or sports teams; siblings and then parents. It Could Be Verse usually likes to add a candle at the end for everyone.
Candle Lighting Display from Susan Siegal & Company
What is a Puzzle Ceremony? A puzzle ceremony is a twist on a traditional candle lighting. It Could Be Verse enlarges 2 photos… of your child as a baby and 1 current photo. .The current photo is cut up into as many pieces as honorees. As each honoree called up, they place a puzzle piece onto the mounted baby photo, visually turning your child into who they are today. The parents place the last piece as they are the ones who have truly completed their child.
Puzzle Ceremony from It Could Be Verse.
What is a Past, Present and Future Candle Lighting?     A Past, Present and Future candle lighting ceremony is a shorter version of a traditional candle lighting ceremony. Instead of lighting the traditional 13 candles, only 3 candles are lit – one that represents the past, one for the present and one for the future. The Past Candle can be a memory candle, for grandparents and/or other relatives. The Present Candle is lit by the child’s immediate family. The Future Candle is lit by the child’s friends.
Candle Lighting Display by Awesome Events
Do candle lighting ceremonies need to rhyme? There is no rule that candle lighting ceremonies have to rhyme. However, a rhyming candle lighting ceremony makes it easier to read and more enjoyable to listen to.
Candle Lighting Display by Flowers by Amore
Are there any other times at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to recognize family and friends? The Mitzvah Child’s parent usually give a toast at the celebration. While toasting the Mitzvah Child, this is a great opportunity to thank the guests for coming and being a part of your child’s life. It Could Be Verse also writes toasts, bimah speeches and more to enhance your celebration.
Another Puzzle Ceremony by It Could Be Verse
If you want a creative and warm candle lighting, toast or bimah speech that will set your party apart, contact Claudia and Marcia today at It Could Be Verse by email at or by phone at 732-679-8093.
Candle Lighting Ceremonies

Prizes and Giveaways on the Dance Floor

Many people equate the success of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with the number of guests on the dance floor.  For kids, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs parties can get repetitive. Many kids on “the circuit” have 2-3 Bar or Bat Mitzvahs a weekend! For this reason, many parents choose to have fun dance floor giveaways and prizes as an incentive to get guests dancing. The giveaways and prizes serve several purposes, but most importantly are lots of fun!
So what is the difference between dance floor prizes and giveaways?
Dance Floor Giveaways are favors passed out by the entertainers on the dance floor, encouraging guests to join in and dance. These things are usually inexpensive, simple to hand out and easy to wear.
Dance Floor Prizes are prizes given to the guests who are working hard to make the child’s party great and those that are winning contests and prizes. Kids and adults will dance and participate more if dance floor prizes are handed out. Prizes are usually larger more specialized items
So what are the best Dance Floor Giveaways and Prizes? We asked some of our favorite entertainment companies around for ideas on what will get kids and adults out on the dance floor:
With over 20 years of experience in the social event market, Star Trax Events provides nearly every element in producing a great event, including MCs, DJs, dancers, lighting, staging, event consulting, photo products, activities, giveaways, valet parking, and much more! Star Trax high-energy MCs guarantee that your dance floor is filled with magic, excitement and energy.  Geoff Kretchmer, owner of Star Trax, recommends getting prizes for 20% of the kids. He suggests that parents get a variety of items that attract boys and girls of all ages including apparel, gift cards and fun “chachkies.” Geoff believes that giveaways should be chosen carefully and when possible affixed to some part of the body. He prefers items like: sunglasses, necklaces, hats, bracelets, fun ties, rings, etc. Items like balls, baton and flashlights get tossed around on the dance floor and can create unnecessary chaos. Star Trax recommends that parents order approximately three giveaways per child. It is important that entertainers hand out giveaways throughout the event so that guests are not over-saturated at any specific time.
Cloud 9 Special Events has successfully entertained thousands of events nationwide for almost two decades. They have a fully interactive staff consisting of MCs, DJs, Dancers, Choreography, Lighting, Sound, Staging, Touring, and Live performance. We asked Jamez Frederick, owner of Cloud 9 his advice on the best prizes and giveaways. For prizes, Cloud 9 recommends gift cards. Not only are they easy to put away (so they don’t get lost or taken), kids don’t know the exact amount of the gift card so it adds excitement. Jamez and his team also love items that glow and blink. Kids love to receive these items on the dance floor, they are inexpensive and add an element of fun and décor to your party.
Party It Up Events is a full service DJ, Emcee, Lighting and Photo Booth/Digital Photos company. With more than a decade and a half providing entertainment services to metro Detroit and beyond, they not only provide the best services around, but they also work alongside the best companies in the business to assure your event is amazing and perfect! Keith Glenn, owner of Party It Up Events suggests giving gift cards to places like Starbucks or 7-11 for prizes. Popular giveaways are things like sunglasses, beaded necklaces, hats, glow bracelets, necklaces and rings, LED lit multi colored foam sticks and blow up items. Keith suggests that all items are ready to pass out before the party so that the emcees, dances and DJs are not side tracked during your event getting these items ready. Keith also cautions about ordering glow sticks during colder months because if they freeze during shipment, they will not work at your event.
Stealth DJs Mobile Disc Jockey Service is passionate about dancing and maintains a high level of energy, while providing fun and excitement through music, games and dancing. They realize that each of their events is unique and ensures the success by customizing each party to the child’s specifications. Stealth DJ’s professional MCs will also act as an event coordinator to ensure that everything flows smoothly throughout the celebration. Eric Cone, owner of Stealth DJs suggests giving out prizes only when they are earned. He suggests at least six big prizes that are unusual such as LED disco lights, fun pillows, big candy, lava lamps, gift cards, card games, clothing and the like. The prizes can be tied to your theme or the game that is being played. Eric and his team prefer giveaways that you can wear. Some of his favorite items are LED jewelry, sunglasses, feather boas, fedora hats, beaded necklaces, logo t-shirts and the like. Eric cautions that glow necklaces, glow bracelets or glow sticks that you have to “crack” to activate, usually end up on the floor and are not appreciated. Similarly, bouncy balls are thrown around during the entire party and therefore not suggested.
Music in Motion will create the ultimate Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience. They understand the importance of your child’s special day and their attention to detail and superb customer service will ensure your party has its own unique flair. Music in Motion provides great value with their customized non-stop entertainment with high energy MCs and Party Motivators. Ross Reimer, owner of Music in Motion told us that the best prizes are gift cards, fun novelty items from places like Five Below and during colder months, fun winter hats. One hot trend is having a big prize such as Beats headphones or Apple TV that can be used to entice kids that wouldn’t normally dance onto the dance floor. For giveaways Ross and his team recommend foam batons, top hats, LED tentacle hats, flashing expandable LED glow balls, finger lights and 22 inch glow necklaces. Ross suggests that parents have prizes ready to go so the entertainment company can spend time on the dance floor instead of getting giveaways ready to pass out.
In addition to asking some of the best companies around, we also asked tons of 12 and 13 year olds on the circuit their favorite prizes and giveaways. Favorite prizes included: fuzzy or wool socks, Nike Elite Socks, big candy, fun pillows, Popsockets, headphones, speakers and gift cards. Favorite giveaways included: flat hats, beanies and glow stuff like the sticks, glasses and necklaces. Most of the kids agreed that the glow stuff makes the parties more fun, but no one takes it home. Kids unanimously agreed that having one expensive prize that is given away at the end of the night creates lots of fun and motivates people to dance.
Dance floor giveaways and prizes are used for fun and motivation at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Wherever you are located, the consensus is that kids love gift cards and big candy as prizes. We love big candy from Rocket Fizz since they have the best selection around. As giveaways, kids love glow items and clothing. Whatever you choose for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, if you choose something fun, you won’t go wrong!
Prizes and Giveaways on the Dance Floor

Mitzvah Dance Floors

A custom, colored, wrapped, light up or even video dance floor is a piece of décor and a great way to customize your event. In the past, your only dance floor choice was parquet. Times have changed!!! At Mitzvah List we have found some of the most unique and fun dance floors around that will really make your party stand out:
LED Video Floor
Pegasus Entertainment offers a high definition LED dance floor that produces moving video and graphics. With this floor, you can create anything you could put on a TV monitor, but it is on the entire floor. You have the ability to upload ANY video content including animated images, movies, a montage and more. The only limit to this floor is your imagination. Call Pegasus today for more information and mention this article for $1500 off the rental price of this floor!  Look below to see this awesome floor in action or look at this video below.
LED Illuminated Dance Floor
Technofloors USA offers a unique illuminated dance floor that is sure to get the party started! Their showstopper floor accompanies your dance music with endless patterns of flashing color or solid illumination if desired. With this incredible floor, you also have the ability to add a custom underlayment featuring your child’s name or logo. If you are looking for the true wow factor, contact Technofloors USA for more information and click below to see this floor in action.

LED Twinkle Light Dance Floors
Star Trax offers two different LED twinkle light dance floors. Their white acrylic LED dance floor has the look of a high end acrylic dance floor, but includes ultra-bright LED twinkle lights in each panel. The LEDs can be all on, all off or can twinkle throughout the night. This solid and level floor is controlled by a wireless remote and will stand up to heavy dancing. This floor creates the perfect bling for any occasion.
Star Trax also offers a colored LED twinkle light dance floor. This floor has an all-white finish, but includes built in LEDs that provide seven different color options: red, blue, green, yellow, aqua, fuchsia and white. This remote controlled floor can be all on, all off, twinkle or color fade between a few or all of the colors. This versatile floor will certainly get noticed!
White Acrylic Dance Floor
An all-white acrylic dance floor is the perfect way to add a clean look to your party. Star Trax white acrylic floor is available in a variety of sizes and will look amazing from the beginning of your event until the end. This floor is perfect on its own or looks great when paired with a gobo or dance floor decal (see below).
Black or White Vinyl Tile Dance Floor
Pegasus offers a vinyl tile versatile dance floor that can be all black, all white, black and white checkered or black and white striped. This tile dance floor is a great way to change the look of your event without spending a fortune. Available in any size up to 30 x 30, you can also add a runaway to this floor.
If you want to customize your party, consider adding a gobo to the dance floor or any other location in your party room. A gobo is a stenciled cut out of any image, including your logo that is projected onto a surface. Gobos can be made in a variety of materials depending on your image and the look you are going for. For more information about gobos, contact Pegasus or Star Trax.
Custom Decal
Another way to personalize your event is to include a dance floor decal. A custom decal can be used in the center of any dance floor, around the perimeter or anywhere you can imagine. This removable vinyl piece of décor is a great way to customize your event without spending a fortune. Available through Mandell Display Group or Pegasus.
Wrapped Dance Floor
If you are looking for something truly unique and custom, check out a wrapped dance floor. With a wrapped dance floor, a custom vinyl adhesive overlay is wrapped over the existing dance floor. A wrapped floor can be a solid color, hologram, color, or include any image that you desire.  This very clean look is without seams. For more information on custom wrapped dance floors call the Mandell Display Group or Pegasus.
Mitzvah Dance Floors

Valet Parking at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Mitzvah List recently received an email from a Mitzvah Mom asking if it is worth the expense of valet parking at her son’s Bar Mitzvah. As a host or hostess, your top priority is to make sure that your guests are comfortable and having fun. Having your guests park and retrieve their car in unpredictable weather conditions can change an otherwise perfect an event. Valet parking is the first and last impression of your event. At Mitzvah List we feel that valet parking is a necessity.
With so many valet companies out there, how do you choose which is best? We spoke with Richie Abbo of Elite Parking Valet to ask what to look for when hiring a valet company.
Since 1988, Elite Parking has provided professional valet parking for events and businesses in the metro Detroit area. Serving all of Southeast Michigan, Elite has the staff, equipment, and experience to handle parking for events of any size, from 10 guests to 5,000 guests. Elite’s top priorities are safety and aggressive hospitality. They maintain full liability protection and offer competitive prices that can’t be beat.
Richie told us what to look for when hiring a valet company:
1.  Staff: A professional valet staff can make or break your event. You are trusting your valet company with millions of dollars in cars, not to mention everything that is inside those cars. Having trustworthy staff is extremely important. Ask your valet company about their hiring and interview process. Elite maintains a vigorous application and interview process which includes two interviews, a driving record check, reference check and a try out before any staff member is hired. Make sure your valet staff will be professionally dressed and ready to anticipate your guests’ needs.
2.  Reputation: Before hiring any valet company, ask for reference and make sure to check them. Asking your event planner or members of the community for their input is always a great idea.
3.  Insurance: To ensure that you and your guests are protected, it is essential that your valet company is licensed and insured. Make sure they carry general liability insurance to cover injury to a person or property, garage keeper’s liability insurance to cover damage to any vehicle in the parking lot that is under the care of the valet company and workers compensation to cover the employees in the event of injury. Ask your valet company to provide you with proof of the foregoing.
4.  Experience: In the valet parking business, there are many fly by night companies. Anyone can put up a sign, order jackets for staff members and call themselves a valet company. Check to see how long your valet company has been in business. And again, check references!
5.  Price: With anything, the cheapest price isn’t the only factor to consider. Instead, focus on the best value. Make sure your valet company’s price is competitive, but don’t choose based on price alone. As the old saying goes, sometimes you get what you pay for.
If you have an upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, Shiva, corporate event or more, contact Richie and the staff at Elite Parking or check out the Mitzvah List vendor directory for all of your valet needs.
Valet Parking at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Michigan Venues

One of the hardest decisions to make when planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the venue.  The venue sets the tone of your event and determines your overall budget.   There are so many types of venues to choose:  theaters, night clubs, country clubs, hotels, banquet centers and much more.  Below are some of Mitzvah List‘s favorite venues:

Venues with Activities
Whether you’re planning a just because party or a specific celebration, every Dave & Buster’s location is ready to host. With flexible options, a full bar, delicious menus, massive screen sports lounges and state of the art games, Dave & Buster’s is the perfect something for everyone location – the only place to eat, drink, play and watch sports.

Zap Zone Family Fun Centres offer a large, indoor space for private or non-private events including banquet areas and party rooms. Attractions include: multi level laser tag arenas, glo golf, bumper cars, cannon blasters, spin zone, time freak, mini bowling, go karts, jump zone bounce house, soft play structure and concessions. Call Zap Zone or visit their website for details as packages may vary according to location.
High Velocity Sports is Metro Detroit’s Premier Indoor Sports Complex and Venue. With a full sized domed soccer/flag football/lacrosse field, 3 boarded soccer fields, 2 small soccer fields and 4 basketball/volleyball courts, HVS is “the” place to have your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Graduation Party, Family Reunion and more!
Emagine Theater – Star Lanes is metro Detroit’s most unique and fun venue.   They offer an entire entertainment experience that includes: catering from the infamous Ironwood Grill, private event spaces, up-scale boutique bowling, 10 state of the art auditoriums and more! From Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, corporate event, school function, family party, or just a night on the town, Emagine Theater – Star Lanes will give you and your guests a night to never forget!
Kids, teens & families love Lucky Strike Novi! Located inside Novi’s own Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk, Lucky Strike Novi offer an immersive, one-of-a-kind entertainment experience to make your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah unforgettable. Whether it’s bowling on our premium lanes, gunning for the high score on our 100+ state-of-the-art arcade games or enjoying our gastropub cuisine.   While you are there, check out Stayin’ Alive for your party needs.  There’s something for everyone at Lucky Strike Novi.
Paradise Park is your Simcha destination, exceeding your expectations at every step. Paradise Park is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to serve. With over 10 acres of unparalleled fun and banquet space your guests are sure to enjoy our Formula Go-Carts, Kiddie Go-Carts, Laser Tag, Miniature Bowling, Trampoline Center, Climbing Walls, Miniature Golf, Simulation Spaceship, Automated Soccer Cages and Arcade. Paradise Park is your child’s dream Simcha location. Year round entertainment at its best.
Whirlyball Novi is Metro Detroit’s Premier place for your next Bar or Bat Mitzvah, corporate event, sales meeting of just for FUN!!!!  They offer full catering on site, two full service bars, big screen TVs, gaming Midway and lots of room for crowds up to 300! It’s a party in a bumper car!
Joe Dumars Fieldhouse is the best Bar and Bat Mitzvah venue in town. Don’t be dissuaded by the distance as the Fieldhouse is no further than 25-30 minutes from most west side locations including West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Huntington Woods and Southfield, and east side locations including Grosse Pointe.  Their Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties inside the Bayou Adventure combine the impossible to beat built in entertainment with beautiful and open hard wood floor space that, when decorated, can compete with the nicest party room/banquet halls in town.

Franklin Athletic Club is not only Michigan’s premier club for family fitness, but also the perfect location for your upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah. For more than 45 years, Franklin Athletic Club has planned and executed flawless events in their unique and upscale venue. With tons of party options, Franklin will exceed your expectations!

If you are looking for a venue that is as unique as your child, the Royal Oak Music Theatre is the perfect place to hold your Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Royal Oak Music Theatre has everything you need to create the ultimate party experience.  From the personalized marquee, grandiose theater, incredible sounds and light system and more, the Royal Oak Music Theatre will be sure to wow your guests.
The Links of Novi offers two elegant rooms, each with a spectacular view of the golf course. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering for 20 or a gala event for 150, the staff at the Links of Novi is committed to helping you create spectacular memories that last a lifetime! A stunning setting, outstanding service, fine cuisine and our attention to every detail provide the perfect venue for your celebration.
The Diamond Center at Suburban Collection Showplace offers a variety of ballroom spaces to accommodate any group from 50 to over 500!! Our attached Hyatt Place Detroit/Novi Hotel will allow guests to stay on site and close to your event. The Diamond Center offers a fabulous menu selection and includes white or black table linens, napkins and chair covers with a colored sash.

For more than 27 years, the Townsend Hotel has hosted thousands of magnificent events including bar and bat mitzvah celebrations. Located in the heart of the walkable and upscale shopping district of downtown, Birmingham, Michigan, The Townsend Hotel is a AAA Four Diamond, Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Luxury Hotel. The Townsend Hotel offers a number of superior event facilities to accommodate gatherings from five to 500 people. Our newly renovated Townsend Ballroom has been the home to thousands of memorable milestone celebrations.


Michigan Venues

Mitzvah Chairs and Chair Covers

At Mitzvah List, we love receiving questions from parents planning Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. We received an email from a Mitzvah Mom on a budget asking whether it was worth the cost of renting chairs or chair covers. Obviously everyone has a different budget and it is a personal choice of where the money should be spent. However, renting beautiful chairs or covering existing ballroom chairs makes a huge difference when it comes to décor.  Look at the difference below:
There are TONS of options when it comes to chairs and chair covers. Chairs and chair covers come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Since there are so many options, we consulted with chair and linen experts, Paula Phaneuf from Uncle Buck’s Party Rentals, Iva Harrison from Affairs to Remember and Sharon Harte from Linens by Harte to find out about the chair and chair cover trends.
For over 30 years, Uncle Buck’s has been helping clients “make memories” for their families and guests. They offer an extensive collection of rentals including tents, tables, chairs, china, glassware, flatware, dance floors, staging, Chiavari Chairs, specialty linens, and much more. Uncle Buck’s prides themselves on delivering exceptional products and service to help make your Mitzvah memorable.
Affairs to Remember is your best source for elegant, yet affordable, table linens and Chiavari chairs. They offer you a great deal of personal attention and can help you pull your event together by offering event-planning expertise. With over 20 years of experience in Metro Detroit, they know nearly every venue.  Affairs to Remember’s dedication to perfection will assure a beautiful atmosphere for your mitzvah.
Linens by Harte is a family owned and operated rental business that has served Metro Detroit for over 20 years. They offer a beautiful selection of chair covers, linens, napkins and place settings at competitive prices. At Linens by Harte, customer service and satisfaction is a top priority! They make sure that every event receives person attention.   Let the Linens by Harte family assist you with all your rental needs.
These experts shared with us some of the most popular Bar and Bat Mitzvah chairs that are available:
Padded Resin Chairs: If you are looking for an affordable solution to chair rentals, Padded Resin Chairs are a great option. These chairs are a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor venues. These beautiful chairs include padded seating surfaces which providing long-lasting comfort. If you are looking for more information on these chairs, contact Uncle Buck’s Party Rentals.
Chiavari Chairs: Chiavari are one of the most popular options for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Not only are Chiavari chairs affordable, but them come in a multitude of colors including: mahogany, silver, gold, white, black and clear acrylic. There are also many different cushion options available. If you are looking for Chiavari chairs Uncle Buck’s has them available in mahogany, silver and gold. Affairs to Remember has them available in clear acrylic, black, mahogany, silver, gold and white.
Farmhouse Chairs: If you are looking for a rustic look, Farmhouse Chairs are the perfect option! These wood chairs provide country charm without compromising modernity. These beautiful chairs are available at Affairs to Remember.
Ghost Chairs: Ghost chairs are a gorgeous choice for a modern Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Ghost Chairs are a contemporary twist on Louis XV armchairs. When placed in a room, these beautiful polycarbonate chairs seem to disappear creating an elegance like no other. Ghost Chairs are available at UDesign Ghost Chairs.
Louis XV Acrylic Chairs: If you are looking to replace the usual with something different, Louis XV Acrylic Chairs are the perfect choice! These timeless yet modern chairs are perfect for high end Bar or Bat Mitzvahs. Louis XV Acrylic Chairs can be used as accent chairs or if you have the budget, for the entire mitzvah party. For more information about Louis XV chairs, contact Affairs to Remember.
Chair Covers
If you decide not to rent chairs, you can always cover the existing chairs at your venue. There are so many chair cover options available, it could make your head spin! Not only are chair covers available in tons of colors and fabrics, but for many chair covers, you can choose a coordinating or contrasting sash. Here are some of the most popular options in chair covers:
Polyester Banquet Chair Covers: Polyester Banquet Chair Covers are an inexpensive option to dress up your event. Perfect for round of square back banquet chairs, polyester covers come in many colors and can be paired with many different sashes. For more information on Polyester Banquet Chair Covers, contact Linens by Harte, Affairs to Remember or Uncle Buck’s.
Satin Banquet Chair Covers: Satin Banquet Chair Covers are similar to Polyester Banquet Chair Covers, but are made of satin fabric. These chair covers are available in many colors and give a flowing, elegant look to banquet chairs. Satin chair covers have a shine to them and beautifully reflect light. For more information on Satin Banquet Chair Covers, contact Linens by Harte, Affairs to Remember or Uncle Buck’s.
Spandex Banquet Chair Covers: Spandex banquet chair covers offer a sleek, contemporary look for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. These chair covers are available in many colors and can be used with or without a sash. Because these chair cover are spandex, these are the most labor intensive chair covers to put on. Spandex chair covers are available at Linens by Harte and Affairs to Remember.
Universal Chair Covers: Universal Chair Covers work with any chair as they can be tied at the back to fit. Because of its universal fit, they are very easy to use. Simply place over the chair, tie and go. These versatile chair covers are available at Uncle Buck’s, Linens by Harte and Affairs to Remember.
Chiavari Chair Covers: Chiavari Chair Covers can be sheer in design to allow the elegance and luxury of Chiavari chairs shine through or can be made from beautiful fabrics and embellishments. They’re often embroidered, ruffled, or feature a sash to add a bit of extra pizazz to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. For more information about Chiavari Chair Covers contact Affairs to Remember.
For more information about chairs or chair covers for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, contact Uncle Buck’s Party Rentals, Linens by Harte or Affairs to Remember.
Mitzvah Chairs and Chair Covers