Tipping Tips

Almost all Mitzvah Parents are on a budget, however, one area that often goes overlooked in the budget is tipping. At Mitzvah List we realize how important it is to show appreciation for excellent service, especially when a vendor goes above and beyond their duties. While tipping is not mandatory and is always within your discretion, lots of Mitzvah Planning Parents have asked how much they should tip at their event. For this reason, we have asked party planning guru, Pat Blackwell of Party Assurance a/k/a The Red Coat Ladies, how much Mitzvah Parents should tip.
Pat stresses that tipping should be within your comfort level and discretion. She feels that it is customary to tip those that have helped make your party a success. Below is a range of how much Pat suggests that Mitzvah Parents tip:
  • Dancers/Party Motivators between $25 and $35 per person
  • MC between $100 and $250
  • DJ $50
  • Catering Manager or Room Captain $50 to $100
  • Catering Sales Person between $150 and $300
  • Bartenders. If gratuity if not included in the contract, $50 to $75 per bartender.
  • Catering. If your contract does not include gratuity, you should tip 15% to 20% of the total bill or $20-$50 per server.
  • Bathroom Attendant $25.
  • Coat Check. This varies depending on how they are paid by the venue. Ask the sales manager for advice on how to tip the coat check.
  • Valet. $25 for each attendant that is there at the end of the night.
  • Transportation. $25 to $50 per driver.
  • Hair and Makeup Artist should receive a 15% to 20% tip, the same as you would tip for any other salon visit.
  • Day of Event Party Coordinator. Most people tip their lead person $50-$150 and assistant coordinators $20-$40.
  • Decorators. This is in your discretion, but $200 is very generous and often well deserved.
  • Photo Booth/Mitzvah Activity Vendors. $20 per attendant.
  • Rabbi/Cantor – Most will not accept tips. However, depending on your relationship with your Rabbi or Cantor, a donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund or another temple fund is a nice gesture.
  • Tutor. If you have a relationship with your tutor and you know what they like, a gift is always a nice gesture. Gift cards are always the right amount and right size. They probably have received tons of Judaica so make sure if your purchase Judaica, it’s something they don’t already have.
If someone really made your event special, make sure to let them know. A personal gift and note always go a long way.
Here’s another tipping tip … make sure you bring all of your tips with you to your event. The last thing that you want to do at the end of your celebration is search for cash and checks to tip your vendors. Decide what you want to tip ahead of time and place each tip in an envelope marked for each vendor.
And our last tip is our most important … make sure you register your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah Date on Mitzvah List.  There is nothing worse than planning an event (and tipping lots of vendors at that event) when no one is there to enjoy your celebration. Make sure you search www.mitzvahlist.com to avoid date conflicts and like us on Facebook.
Tipping Tips

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