How to Sweeten Your Mitzvah Celebration

Who doesn’t love sweets? At Mitzvah List, we feel that sweets complete any Mitzvah Celebration. Sweetening your Mitzvah Celebration is a great way to personalize your event and show your guests how sweet they really are. Below are some of Mitzvah List‘s favorite ways to sweeten your Mitzvah Celebration:
Table Cards:
Table cards are a great way to sweeten your celebration.  Why not choose a table card that is not only functional, but also delicious?
Michelle Daniels‘ love for chocolate began when crafting chocolate as a hobby for family and friends. After receiving rave reviews for her delicious chocolates and unique creativity, Homemade Chocolates by Michelle in Southeast Michigan grew into a thriving business. Michelle’s hand crafted chocolate delicacies include unique and custom packaging perfect for special events and occasions. Michelle’s custom personalized chocolate oreos with your child’s picture of logo make the perfect table card or favor.
Danielle Ockman of Favor it Things in South Florida loves to make every event sweet with delicious chocolate custom party favors. Danielle’s personalized chocolate oreos and custom chocolate frames are perfect as a table card.
Chocolate on the Table:
Providing chocolates on each table shows your guests how sweet you think they are. Homemade Chocolates by Michelle makes delicious and beautiful mouthwatering trays for your guests to enjoy. Michelle’s trays can include her custom oreos, with your child’s photo or logo, to add a personalized touch.
Sweet Treats:
Dessert is usually the best part of any meal.  Having yummy and fun sweet treats at your child’s celebration is a delicious way to end the evening. Here are some of Mitzvah List’s favorite sweet treats:
Cool Jacks custom makes delicious ice cream sandwiches using homemade cookies and ice cream. They bring their adorable cart to your event and make cookie ice cream sandwiches with your favorite flavor cookies and ice cream.
Nice Modern Creamery makes fresh liquid nitrogen ice cream in front of your guests. What starts out as liquid, turns into delicious ice cream in tons of flavors with lots of yummy toppings.
Dessert Bars:
Garrett Popcorn Shops specializes in customized party favors as well as on-site popcorn bars! All of Garrett’s flavors are gluten free, non-GMO and preservative free.
Andrea Solomon is an amazing party planner and designs beautiful candy displays and bars. She brings an on site attendant and all the containers, scoops and candy for your guests to devour.
Rocket Fizz has the largest selection of candy and soda ever found in one store. They have an amazing selection of candy on site and can set up a mini candy store or table at your event for your guests to enjoy.

Leaving with something sweet is the perfect way to end a perfect night.  Homemade Chocolates by Michelle’s chocolate covered strawberries or truffles are a delicious way to thank your guests for coming to your child’s celebrations.
Garrett Popcorn is also a delicious treat to take home.  Garrett will package your favors so they are ready to leave when your guests are.
Favor It Things’ name says it all.  They specialize in custom favors and will create adorable personalized tags.

How to Sweeten Your Mitzvah Celebration

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