Fun Mitzvah Activities

Bar and Bat Mitzvah activities provide that “extra bit of fun and variety” to ensure all your guests are busy, entertained and happy throughout your entire event. Activities provide exciting options for guests who want to interact and have fun through games, technology and interactive crafts.
Thirteen-year-old teens are a mixed bag of kids, depending on birth order, friend groups, parenting-style, schools, etc.  Some Mitzvah-aged kids are socially and emotionally ready for dancing, while others are not yet prepared for that kind of interaction. Activities often give kids who don’t want to dance an opportunity to feel a part of the event without having to place themselves in an uncomfortable situation.
There are tons of entertainment activities available for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. According to one of Mitzvah List’s favorite vendors, Star Trax, activities should be easy to use, appropriate for both males and females, and space and power-sensitive.  Geoff Kretchmer, owner of Star Trax, said, “it is critical that the company providing the activity have well-trained staff to run the activity, introduce it to the kids, and provide a fun and safe environment so that kids feel comfortable approaching and playing these games. It’s also important that the company personnel provide appropriate supervision so these games are treated gently and that control is maintained at all times.  Staff should be responsible for moving kids through at a reasonable pace allowing everyone to participate and play.”
So, what are the hottest activities around?  Here are some of Mitzvah List’s favorites:
Kid’s LOVE games!  Star Trax offers a ton of options.  Here are some of our favorites from Star Trax:
A 16-player LED Foosball Table: 
Plunk-It – a combination of basketball and ping-pong 
Bubble Hockey 
Crafts are fun at Bar and Bat Mitzvah and can also be a great take-away gift.  Some of Mitzvah List’s favorite Mitzvah crafts are:
Airbrush:  Airbrush is a fun activity where the possibilities are endless. Our favorite Airbrush artists are Cathy from Airbrushed Stuff  and Matt from Fester Custom Airbrush.  They can airbrush on almost anything.
Wax Hands:
Everyone loves wax hands!  They make a great memory of a fun night.  Creative Arts Studio does an amazing job keeping kids entertained and helps them create fun, cool keepsakes.
Burn Bracelets:
A camp and Mitzvah favorite, Star Trax’s burn bracelets are a lasting memory from your child’s Mitzvah celebration.
BL Visuals:
Star Trax offers unique arm dipping in different psychedelic patterns that glow with a black light.
Henna is a great activity and a hit at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. An Affair to Remember specializes in henna, glitter, foil, flash and mica tattoos without stencils.
Face Paint:
Face paint is a fun activity that kids love at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  An Affair to Remember creates custom painted images.
Airbrush Tattoos:
Airbrushed Stuff does airbrush tattoos at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Cathy will even custom create tattoos that fit your theme or logo.
Flash Tattoos:
If you are looking for extra bling, check out Star Trax foil tattoos.
Elite Feet
Who doesn’t love Nike Elite socks?  Instead of giving them as a dance floor prize, Star Trax will customize them for each of your guests on site.
On-site Printing
Customize hats, jerseys, sweatshirts and more with Star Trax on site vinyl printing.  They can print on-site on almost any image.
Everyone loves leaving a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a photo keepsake.  There are so many photo booth options that we dedicated an entire article to this topic Click here for more information.
With all of these options, it is easy to customize your child’s celebration.  Make sure you check out the vendor directory on Mitzvah List for lots of options.
Fun Mitzvah Activities

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