Candle Lighting Ceremonies

While the focus of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is the Mitzvah Child, it is also a great opportunity to recognize the special people in your child’s life. It takes a village to raise a child. Recognizing those who have instilled values, shared laughs, tears, holidays and life experiences makes a Mitzvah Celebration complete. A candle lighting ceremony is a wonderful way to honor family and friends that make up your village. Since there are many variations of a candle lighting ceremony, we consulted with Claudia from It Could Be Verse to learn about the different candle lighting options.
For more than 20 years, It Could Be Verse has turned your thoughts, feelings and emotions into warm, witty and wonderful poems, speeches and toasts. Their writing is original, distinctive and tailored to your individual needs. For a new twist on a candle lighting, It Could Be Verse offers the puzzle ceremony.Whether it’s honoring guests at your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah candle lighting or puzzle ceremony or making a toast at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday or anniversary or honoring/roasting a colleague at a corporate dinner, It Could Be Verse will say it for you with humor, taste and warmth.
We asked Claudia several questions about candle lighting ceremonies:
How many candles are in a traditional candle lighting ceremony? A traditional candle lighting ceremony has thirteen candles, but this number is flexible. Make sure you do what works for you and your family.
Candle Lighting Display from Top That Table.
Is there a certain order that a candle lighting ceremony follows? Usually the memorial candle come first because you don’t want to end the ceremony on a sad note. It usually follows with grandparents; aunts/uncles/cousins; great aunts/great uncles; family friends; the child’s friends which can be all together or divided between camp, school and/or sports teams; siblings and then parents. It Could Be Verse usually likes to add a candle at the end for everyone.
Candle Lighting Display from Susan Siegal & Company
What is a Puzzle Ceremony? A puzzle ceremony is a twist on a traditional candle lighting. It Could Be Verse enlarges 2 photos… of your child as a baby and 1 current photo. .The current photo is cut up into as many pieces as honorees. As each honoree called up, they place a puzzle piece onto the mounted baby photo, visually turning your child into who they are today. The parents place the last piece as they are the ones who have truly completed their child.
Puzzle Ceremony from It Could Be Verse.
What is a Past, Present and Future Candle Lighting?     A Past, Present and Future candle lighting ceremony is a shorter version of a traditional candle lighting ceremony. Instead of lighting the traditional 13 candles, only 3 candles are lit – one that represents the past, one for the present and one for the future. The Past Candle can be a memory candle, for grandparents and/or other relatives. The Present Candle is lit by the child’s immediate family. The Future Candle is lit by the child’s friends.
Candle Lighting Display by Awesome Events
Do candle lighting ceremonies need to rhyme? There is no rule that candle lighting ceremonies have to rhyme. However, a rhyming candle lighting ceremony makes it easier to read and more enjoyable to listen to.
Candle Lighting Display by Flowers by Amore
Are there any other times at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to recognize family and friends? The Mitzvah Child’s parent usually give a toast at the celebration. While toasting the Mitzvah Child, this is a great opportunity to thank the guests for coming and being a part of your child’s life. It Could Be Verse also writes toasts, bimah speeches and more to enhance your celebration.
Another Puzzle Ceremony by It Could Be Verse
If you want a creative and warm candle lighting, toast or bimah speech that will set your party apart, contact Claudia and Marcia today at It Could Be Verse by email at or by phone at 732-679-8093.
Candle Lighting Ceremonies

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