Prizes and Giveaways on the Dance Floor

Many people equate the success of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with the number of guests on the dance floor.  For kids, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs parties can get repetitive. Many kids on “the circuit” have 2-3 Bar or Bat Mitzvahs a weekend! For this reason, many parents choose to have fun dance floor giveaways and prizes as an incentive to get guests dancing. The giveaways and prizes serve several purposes, but most importantly are lots of fun!
So what is the difference between dance floor prizes and giveaways?
Dance Floor Giveaways are favors passed out by the entertainers on the dance floor, encouraging guests to join in and dance. These things are usually inexpensive, simple to hand out and easy to wear.
Dance Floor Prizes are prizes given to the guests who are working hard to make the child’s party great and those that are winning contests and prizes. Kids and adults will dance and participate more if dance floor prizes are handed out. Prizes are usually larger more specialized items
So what are the best Dance Floor Giveaways and Prizes? We asked some of our favorite entertainment companies around for ideas on what will get kids and adults out on the dance floor:
With over 20 years of experience in the social event market, Star Trax Events provides nearly every element in producing a great event, including MCs, DJs, dancers, lighting, staging, event consulting, photo products, activities, giveaways, valet parking, and much more! Star Trax high-energy MCs guarantee that your dance floor is filled with magic, excitement and energy.  Geoff Kretchmer, owner of Star Trax, recommends getting prizes for 20% of the kids. He suggests that parents get a variety of items that attract boys and girls of all ages including apparel, gift cards and fun “chachkies.” Geoff believes that giveaways should be chosen carefully and when possible affixed to some part of the body. He prefers items like: sunglasses, necklaces, hats, bracelets, fun ties, rings, etc. Items like balls, baton and flashlights get tossed around on the dance floor and can create unnecessary chaos. Star Trax recommends that parents order approximately three giveaways per child. It is important that entertainers hand out giveaways throughout the event so that guests are not over-saturated at any specific time.
Cloud 9 Special Events has successfully entertained thousands of events nationwide for almost two decades. They have a fully interactive staff consisting of MCs, DJs, Dancers, Choreography, Lighting, Sound, Staging, Touring, and Live performance. We asked Jamez Frederick, owner of Cloud 9 his advice on the best prizes and giveaways. For prizes, Cloud 9 recommends gift cards. Not only are they easy to put away (so they don’t get lost or taken), kids don’t know the exact amount of the gift card so it adds excitement. Jamez and his team also love items that glow and blink. Kids love to receive these items on the dance floor, they are inexpensive and add an element of fun and décor to your party.
Party It Up Events is a full service DJ, Emcee, Lighting and Photo Booth/Digital Photos company. With more than a decade and a half providing entertainment services to metro Detroit and beyond, they not only provide the best services around, but they also work alongside the best companies in the business to assure your event is amazing and perfect! Keith Glenn, owner of Party It Up Events suggests giving gift cards to places like Starbucks or 7-11 for prizes. Popular giveaways are things like sunglasses, beaded necklaces, hats, glow bracelets, necklaces and rings, LED lit multi colored foam sticks and blow up items. Keith suggests that all items are ready to pass out before the party so that the emcees, dances and DJs are not side tracked during your event getting these items ready. Keith also cautions about ordering glow sticks during colder months because if they freeze during shipment, they will not work at your event.
Stealth DJs Mobile Disc Jockey Service is passionate about dancing and maintains a high level of energy, while providing fun and excitement through music, games and dancing. They realize that each of their events is unique and ensures the success by customizing each party to the child’s specifications. Stealth DJ’s professional MCs will also act as an event coordinator to ensure that everything flows smoothly throughout the celebration. Eric Cone, owner of Stealth DJs suggests giving out prizes only when they are earned. He suggests at least six big prizes that are unusual such as LED disco lights, fun pillows, big candy, lava lamps, gift cards, card games, clothing and the like. The prizes can be tied to your theme or the game that is being played. Eric and his team prefer giveaways that you can wear. Some of his favorite items are LED jewelry, sunglasses, feather boas, fedora hats, beaded necklaces, logo t-shirts and the like. Eric cautions that glow necklaces, glow bracelets or glow sticks that you have to “crack” to activate, usually end up on the floor and are not appreciated. Similarly, bouncy balls are thrown around during the entire party and therefore not suggested.
Music in Motion will create the ultimate Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience. They understand the importance of your child’s special day and their attention to detail and superb customer service will ensure your party has its own unique flair. Music in Motion provides great value with their customized non-stop entertainment with high energy MCs and Party Motivators. Ross Reimer, owner of Music in Motion told us that the best prizes are gift cards, fun novelty items from places like Five Below and during colder months, fun winter hats. One hot trend is having a big prize such as Beats headphones or Apple TV that can be used to entice kids that wouldn’t normally dance onto the dance floor. For giveaways Ross and his team recommend foam batons, top hats, LED tentacle hats, flashing expandable LED glow balls, finger lights and 22 inch glow necklaces. Ross suggests that parents have prizes ready to go so the entertainment company can spend time on the dance floor instead of getting giveaways ready to pass out.
In addition to asking some of the best companies around, we also asked tons of 12 and 13 year olds on the circuit their favorite prizes and giveaways. Favorite prizes included: fuzzy or wool socks, Nike Elite Socks, big candy, fun pillows, Popsockets, headphones, speakers and gift cards. Favorite giveaways included: flat hats, beanies and glow stuff like the sticks, glasses and necklaces. Most of the kids agreed that the glow stuff makes the parties more fun, but no one takes it home. Kids unanimously agreed that having one expensive prize that is given away at the end of the night creates lots of fun and motivates people to dance.
Dance floor giveaways and prizes are used for fun and motivation at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Wherever you are located, the consensus is that kids love gift cards and big candy as prizes. We love big candy from Rocket Fizz since they have the best selection around. As giveaways, kids love glow items and clothing. Whatever you choose for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, if you choose something fun, you won’t go wrong!
Prizes and Giveaways on the Dance Floor

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