Mitzvah Dance Floors

A custom, colored, wrapped, light up or even video dance floor is a piece of décor and a great way to customize your event. In the past, your only dance floor choice was parquet. Times have changed!!! At Mitzvah List we have found some of the most unique and fun dance floors around that will really make your party stand out:
LED Video Floor
Pegasus Entertainment offers a high definition LED dance floor that produces moving video and graphics. With this floor, you can create anything you could put on a TV monitor, but it is on the entire floor. You have the ability to upload ANY video content including animated images, movies, a montage and more. The only limit to this floor is your imagination. Call Pegasus today for more information and mention this article for $1500 off the rental price of this floor!  Look below to see this awesome floor in action or look at this video below.
LED Illuminated Dance Floor
Technofloors USA offers a unique illuminated dance floor that is sure to get the party started! Their showstopper floor accompanies your dance music with endless patterns of flashing color or solid illumination if desired. With this incredible floor, you also have the ability to add a custom underlayment featuring your child’s name or logo. If you are looking for the true wow factor, contact Technofloors USA for more information and click below to see this floor in action.

LED Twinkle Light Dance Floors
Star Trax offers two different LED twinkle light dance floors. Their white acrylic LED dance floor has the look of a high end acrylic dance floor, but includes ultra-bright LED twinkle lights in each panel. The LEDs can be all on, all off or can twinkle throughout the night. This solid and level floor is controlled by a wireless remote and will stand up to heavy dancing. This floor creates the perfect bling for any occasion.
Star Trax also offers a colored LED twinkle light dance floor. This floor has an all-white finish, but includes built in LEDs that provide seven different color options: red, blue, green, yellow, aqua, fuchsia and white. This remote controlled floor can be all on, all off, twinkle or color fade between a few or all of the colors. This versatile floor will certainly get noticed!
White Acrylic Dance Floor
An all-white acrylic dance floor is the perfect way to add a clean look to your party. Star Trax white acrylic floor is available in a variety of sizes and will look amazing from the beginning of your event until the end. This floor is perfect on its own or looks great when paired with a gobo or dance floor decal (see below).
Black or White Vinyl Tile Dance Floor
Pegasus offers a vinyl tile versatile dance floor that can be all black, all white, black and white checkered or black and white striped. This tile dance floor is a great way to change the look of your event without spending a fortune. Available in any size up to 30 x 30, you can also add a runaway to this floor.
If you want to customize your party, consider adding a gobo to the dance floor or any other location in your party room. A gobo is a stenciled cut out of any image, including your logo that is projected onto a surface. Gobos can be made in a variety of materials depending on your image and the look you are going for. For more information about gobos, contact Pegasus or Star Trax.
Custom Decal
Another way to personalize your event is to include a dance floor decal. A custom decal can be used in the center of any dance floor, around the perimeter or anywhere you can imagine. This removable vinyl piece of décor is a great way to customize your event without spending a fortune. Available through Mandell Display Group or Pegasus.
Wrapped Dance Floor
If you are looking for something truly unique and custom, check out a wrapped dance floor. With a wrapped dance floor, a custom vinyl adhesive overlay is wrapped over the existing dance floor. A wrapped floor can be a solid color, hologram, color, or include any image that you desire.  This very clean look is without seams. For more information on custom wrapped dance floors call the Mandell Display Group or Pegasus.
Mitzvah Dance Floors

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